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From play-by-play to sports talk, on the air or in print, across various sports and platforms, and at major markets and national networks, I am proud to have two decades of experience creating and presenting uniquely compelling content, connecting with people, demonstrating total commitment to preparation and professionalism, and having fun. This is the greatest job in the world!

Inside, you'll find audio and video clips featuring some of the best of my work, including television play-by-play for ESPN and the Pac-12 Network, sports talk radio shows in San Francisco and Pittsburgh, and much more.

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My eighth year of Pac-12 Network play-by-play is well underway, and my fall sports slate is in the books! It was fun making my volleyball play-by-play debut on October 1 (below), marking eight different sports I have now called on Pac-12 Network. (for the others -- including football -- check out my play-by-play scoreboard on the Onesheet page!) Grateful for all the opportunities over the years to Back the Pac across different sports! With my Pac-12 Network slate calling soccer, volleyball & field hockey, and my coverage of Stanford Football with my TreeCast podcast, it was a busy and fun fall! More to come.

Be sure to check out my new Play-by-Play demo reel, with clips from my work calling Pac-12 Network basketball this year. For that -- and much more -- head to the Video page!

(updated December 2, 2021)

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